Dog run panels and enclosures

weld mesh panelsteel bar panelhooped bar panel

Manufactured from: weld mesh, 10mm solid steel bar or and 10mm solid steel bar with hooped tops. Plain, single gated and double gated, hot-dip galvanised after manufacture.

• Standard weld mesh: 50mm x 50mm square x 10g
• Standard 10mm solid steel bar with 75mm gap between. Bar is welded on to the steel frame.
• 10mm solid steel bar with hooped tops. Bars are drilled into the steel frame.

Standard height 1.9m (6ft 3") including 50mm (2") legs to allow hosing out underneath.
Panels are made to order.

To order call
01243 786701or e-mail: sales@sherlocks-kennels.co.uk
Prices shown exclude delvery & VAT.

Weld mesh panels
Manufactured from 50mm x 50mm square x 10g steel weld mesh on a 25mm x 25mm box section steel frame. The panels are hot-dip galvanised after manufacture. Standard height is 1.9m (6ft 3") including 50mm (2") legs. Weld mesh gates are centred, hinge right, open in as standard. The example panel widths shown act as a price guide, all panels are manufactured to order.
Plain weld mesh panels width:
1.83m (6')
KWMO6: £141.00
2.13m (7')
KWMO7: £157.00
2.44m (8')
KWMO8: £187.00
2.74m (9')
KWMO9: £212.00
3.05m (10')
KWM10: £241.00
plain weld mesh
standard weld mesh
Gated weld mesh panels
1.22m (4')
KWMSG04: £190.00
1.52m (5')
KWMSG05: £199.00
1.83m (6')
KWMSG06: £226.00
2.13m (7')
KWMSG07: £241.00
2.44m (8')
KWMSG08: £251.00
2.74m (9')
KWMSG09: £264.00
3.05m (10')
KWMSG10: £280.00

Double gated weld mesh panels
2.44m (8')
KWMDG08: £335.00
3.05m (10')
KWMNG10: £367.00

Optional solid run divide: three-quarter height galvanised tin sheet 1.2mm thick. Suitable for steel bar, weld mesh and hooped bar run panels. For price please enquire at time of order.
tin divide on weld mesh

Solid steel bar panels

We use 10mm solid steel bar welded on a 25mm x 25mm box section steel frame, hot-dip galvanised after manufacture. Standard gap between bars is 75mm. For panels up to 1.83m wide (6') we use 'Welded-on' manufacture, for longer runs we recommend drilled-into' manufacture for greater ridgidity. Gates are centred, hinge left and open out. The example panel widths shown act as a price guide, all panels are made to order.

10mm solid steel bar for longer life.
Sherlocks use 10mm solid bar to deliver heavy-duty, long lasting panels. Our gates have hinges and come with pad-bolt as standard. Optional heavy-duty mortice deadlock, 16mm stainless-steel shoot-bolt are available for extra security (£125.00 +VAT) . Hollow steel bar has less steel, is light weight and a cheaper option but not as durable.
Why not
Light-weight or hollow steel bar

Plain bar panel - 75mm gap
1.22m (4')
KBARW4: £129.00
1.52m (5') KBARW5: £152.00
1.83m (6')
KBARW6: £183.00

Gated bar panel - 75mm gap
1.22m (4')
KBARWG4: £194.00
1.52m (5')
KBARWG5: £216.00
1.83m (6')
KBARWG6: £242.00

Double gated panel - 75mm gap
1.83m (6')
KBWDG06: £264.00
2.44m (8')
KBWDG08: £327.00
3.05m (10')
KBWDG10: £370.00
Gated bar 50mm gap

'Drilled into' bar panel, 75mm gap.
This type of manufacture for a continuous run of more than 3.05m.
Plain drilled bar panel 1.90m high:
KBARD £148.00 per 1.00m.
Eg. Plain bar panel 1.90m high x 1.83m wide would be
£148.00 x 1.8m = £271.00

Gated bar panel 1.90m high: add
£74.00 per gate, per panel.
Eg. 1 x 1.83m wide single gate would be:

£271.00 + £74.00 = £345.00

Steel support posts.
Support post A:
KSPOSTA: £55.00 ea.
1.9m high with plate to fix on to concrete.
Support post B:
KSPOSTB: £44.00 ea.
2.44m high to cement into the ground.
Long run
50mm gap

Hooped solid steel bar panels

10mm solid steel bar panels with additional 90mm (3.5") high hooped tops. These panels are manufactured 'drilled into' the box steel frame for complete ridgidity. Bar gap in the top one-third of the panel at 100mm (4") centres, the lower two-thirds at 50mm (2") centres. Standard height is 2m (6ft 6") including 50mm (2") legs. Gates are centred, hinge left and open out. We do not manufacture welded on hooped bar panels, a cheaper but less durable option.

Plain hooped bar panel 2.0m high:
1.22m (4') wide:
KBARH04: £248.00
1.83m (6') wide:
KBARH06: £303.00
2.44m (8') wide:
KBARH08: £355.00
3.05m (10') wide:
KBARH10: £416.00

Gated hooped bar panel add: £90.00
to above price, per gate, per panel
Hooped panels

Bespoke run panels

Hooped bar run fitted with dead-lockcustoms and excise runBespoke kennek and run

If you would like panels made-to-measure please supply a plan view sketch with dimensions detailing your requirements. Panels that are required to fit into an existing building please supply accurate vertical and horizontal measurements. And advise the material you are fixing into.

Request a kennel brochure: e-mail: sales@sherlocks-kennels.co.uk or call 01243 786701

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