Oakwood kennel
Oakwood 3 block
A practical design for working and domestic dogs.

• Constructed from a prepared and pressure treated timber frame.
• Clad in shiplap.
• Drop-in floor provides extra warmth. • 40mm Celotex floor insulation as standard.
• Flush fit floor for easy cleaning.
• Walls double skinned, lined to a height of 1.22m for extra warmth and prevent chewing.
• Full height door, standard pophole and draft-proof PVC curtain.
• Heavy duty galvanised channel anti-chew guard surround.
• Pent roof clad in heavy duty green mineral felt for durability and warmth.

10-Year Guarantee.

Single or multiple block kennels with or without run.

To order call: 01243 786701 or email: sales@sherlocks-kennels.co.uk
All prices shown exclude delivery & VAT.

Single Oakwood kennel
with weld mesh run 1.83m (6')

KOAKWM1: £ 1,329.00

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Oakwood kennel 1.83m run

Kennel only (no run).
Single kennel:
KOAK1: £860.00
1.52m wide x 1.09m deep
Double kennel:
KOAK2: £1,462.00
Triple kennel: KOAK3: £2,062.00
Quad kennel: KOAK4: £2,607.00
Five kennel: KOAK5: £3,240.00
Six kennel: KOAK6: £3,741.00

Larger blocks also available
kennel only

Double Oakwood kennel
weld mesh run 1.83m (6')

KOAKWM2: £2,049.00

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Double Oakwood

Triple Oakwood weld mesh runThe Triple Oakwood Kennel
Triple Oakwood kennel
weld mesh run 1.83m
4.57m w x 2.92m d
(15' x 9' 7")

KOAKWM3: £3,068.00

Quad Oakwood kennel
weld mesh run 1.83m
6.09m w x 2.92m d
(20' x 9' 7")

KOAKWM4: £3,822.00

Oakwood Combination kennel
KOAKCOM: £2,287.00

Comprises: Single Oakwood kennel, covered wood & weld mesh run, open weld mesh run

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The Oakwood Combination Kennel

Oakwood Garden Kennel
Oakwood Garden kennel
KOAKGDN: £2,065.00

Kennel: 2.29m w x 1.09m d
Covered wood & weld mesh run: 2.29m w x 1.93m d
Ideal for large or smaller dogs

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Oakwood kennel block
6 Block, quad bike store
4 oak blockOakwood block, hooped bar run

Bespoke kennels
Stoe and kennel
Security store and kennel
Quad bike store and kennel
Quad bike store with kennel
The bespoke Oakwood Kennel
Kennels in customer barn

Request a FREE kennel brochure: e-mail: sales@sherlocks-kennels.co.uk
Should you wish to discuss bespoke requirements call: 01243 786701

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