Security kennel
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The original Sherlock Security Kennel designed and built for and in conjunction with Thames Valley Police Dog Section, to their specification and in consultation with other forces. This high specification kennel and run features a built-in galvanised steel-frame base avoiding the cost of a concrete base. Fully lined in washable phenolic resin ply. The lift-off shutters on the run will fully enclose a sick dog if required. The sliding shuttered sides can be fully closed in winter or partially or fully open in summer for fresh air circulation.

• Constructed on a 50mm x 50mm timber frame with shiplap cladding.
All timber is prepared and pressure treated

• Run panels 10mm solid steel bar on a 25mm x 25mm steel box frame.
Galvanised after manufacture

• Built-in steel base so kennel sits on stone slabs

• Heavy duty galvanised channel anti-chew guard surround to pop-hole and exposed surfaces

• Angled pitched roof for good water run off, covered in heavy duty mineral felt,
raised ventilating ridge

• Easy to dismantle and re-assemble or move in one piece with a fork-lift

To order call: 01243 786701 or e-mail: sales@sherlocks-kennel.co.uk
All prices quoted exclude delivery & VAT.

lift off shutters
Lift-off front shutters
side shutters
Sliding shutters (mouse-over to open)

Single Security kennel
1.22m wide x 2.44m deep

KSEC01: £ 2,218.00

Sleeping box with lift-off lid.
Front panel is removable for easy cleaning or more space
sleeping box

Double Security kennel
2.44m wide x 2.33m deep

KSEC02: £3,492.00

closed double

Request a kennel brochure: e-mail: sales@sherlocks-kennels.co.uk
If you would like to discuss your requirements for the Security kennel call 01243 786701

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