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Yard Kennel and accessories

FrontLift off side panelEasy cleaning access

Clad in heavy duty prepared and pressure treared shiplap timber, with heavy-duty mineral felt or T & G roof. Ply-lined for extra insulation and to prevent chewing. Pop hole comes with heavy duty galvanised channel anti-chew guard surround and draft-proof PVC curtain. Designed with a lift-out side panel for easy cleaning, this low-level, freestanding kennel is big enough to house large or small dogs. Kennel size: 1.07m wide x 1.22m deep x 1.22m high.

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Standard Yard
Standard Yard Kennel
KYARD: £635.00
Bespoke Yard
Bespoke yard kennel with lead roof

Exterior sleeping box
Exterior sleeping box
Exterior sleeping box
KSLEP: £476.00
Lift off front panel
Lift-off front panel for easy cleaning
1.2m wide x 1.2m deep x 1.2m high.

Kennel accessories
Sliding door for pop-hole in full height kennel door.
KPOPSL: £100.00

Pop-hole door is operated manually from inside the run, slides on galvanised steel runners, fitted with draw-bolt. For standard size pop-hole:
254mm wide x 457mm high

Pop hole sliding door

Pulley system
KPULSL: £130.00

Pulley system operated from outside the run to open and close the pop-hole door. With this system the pop-hole is set into the wall panel beside kennel door. It is manually operated with stainless steel wire and pulleys.
To fit standard size pop-hole: 254mm wide x 457mm high.
Pulley system

Mortice dead-lock
KLOCK: £125.00

High quality mortice dead-lock with 16mm. stainless steel shoot-bolt, built into our gated run panels.
Mortice dead-lock

Bolt-on style dog bowl holder.
Single holder & bowl.

KBOWL1: £ 26.00
Double holder & bowl.
KBOWL2: £ 50.00
Galvanised steel bolt-on holder with stainless steel bowl.
Bolt-on holder

Swivel style holder with bowl. Double holder & bowl
KBOSW2: £ 120.00
Galvanised steel holder built into run panel with stainless steel bowl
Swivel style holder
Min. front panel width 1.83m

Day bed for run
KDBED: £85.00

Suitable for exterior use. Almost indestructible stock-board base, bolted into the galvanised steel frame, 1.22m wide x 0.61m deep with 150mm legs.

Day bed

Whelping box
KWHELP: £ 94.00

Made from exterior grade ply with puppy rail.
1.22m wide x 0.91m deep
Whelping box

Window (non-opening)
KWIND: £ 45.00

Standard non-opening perspex window. Standard size 254mm wide x 457mm high. Available to customer specification. POA
Perspex window

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